In the field of dentistry, the introduction of Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming, or PIPS for short, ranks up there with the invention of the wheel, the airplane, or nanobots (a field in which one of my sons works) to cure cancer. PIPS is so drastically different from other root canal treatment modalities I believe it should be treated as completely separate specialty.

Laser technology is working its way into just about all aspects of dental care. With the proper laser and a trained dentist, simple cavities can be filled with no anesthetic (and no pain). Many periodontal treatments (gum disease treatments) can be performed without invasive surgeries. TMJ treatments, migraine headache, mouth ulcers, tooth bleaching, even cosmetic procedures, can all be performed with dental lasers.

Most patients are almost as afraid of the dreaded “shot” as they are of the root canal process proper. The first thing I do is aim the laser directly at the spot to be injected for local anesthesia. The laser, at particular wavelengths and pulse settings, delivers energy to the site that will pre-anesthetize the area long enough that I can administer local anesthetic without the usual sharp sting associated with the “shot.” As PALT is administered all the patient feels, if anything at all, is slight warmth of the gum tissues. Over the years I have asked many patients how much discomfort, on a 1 to 10 scale, they experienced during the “shot.” Before PALT, patients commonly reported 6 to 10 on the scale, with 10 being the worst. Now that we use PALT, the patients usually report 0 to 3.

Find on this page an interactive map that will provide you with precise directions from your location to my office. Other information such as additional services I provide, financing options, and access to my books on root canal treatment and dealing with dental pain can also be found here.

Meet the Doctor

Dr. J. Steven Abernathy, who prefers to be called “Steve” by his patients and friends, is a multitalented individual who enjoys learning skills of all kinds. Along with being a trusted and accomplished dentist who has provided advanced dental care (root canals, dental implants, and complex restorative procedures) to patients in up to six different offices in Arkansas and Florida, he is also a pilot with over 2000 hours of flight experience and an ASA certified sailor who can periodically be seen at the helm of a 30’ sailboat cutting through the waters of Choctawhatchee Bay.

He is also the author of five novels and a periodic contributor to radio talk shows across the nation, where he is often called upon for his expertise in American Presidential history. Along with his active practice and literary endeavors, Dr. Abernathy teaches the latest laser techniques for root canal treatment and surgical endodontics in several locations. He serves on the board of directors of Horizon Dental Institute in Scottsdale, AZ, one of the premier dental continuing education programs in the United States. Teaching in concert with world-renowned endodontist Dr. John Stropko, Dr. Abernathy educates endodontic (root canal specialty) residents in dental schools about the latest laser techniques to promote more rapid and comfortable healing for both surgical and conventional endodontic patients.

Dr. Abernathy’s college education included The United States Air Force Academy, Arkansas State University, and The University of Tennessee. He graduated from the UTCHS College of Dentistry in 1979 with a degree in General Dentistry and has provided patients with all aspects of general dental care for over three decades. For many years he and his wife, Michele, who is also an accomplished laser root canal assistant, commuted weekly from their practice in Jonesboro Arkansas to a practice in the Tampa Bay, Florida, area, where they provided endodontic treatment to patients in five different offices. In recent years the couple has retired from the Florida practice and now serve patients from more than 40 referring dentists in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee, as well as patients who choose to travel from several surrounding states for his gentle and cutting-edge services. To ensure that his office provides modern, state-of-the-art dental care to his patients, Dr. Abernathy is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, one of only a few professional organizations that require members to keep up with current advances in the dental profession by attending a specified number of continuing education courses every year.

On a more personal level, Dr. Abernathy has been married to his lovely wife, Michele, for more than 40 years. Michele is an accomplished jewelry maker who creates and teaches woven jewelry patterns. The Abernathys have two sons. John, the oldest, is a writer and college professor who holds a BFA degree in video production from Savannah College of Art and Design and an MFA in creative writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. He is co-author of the novel A Question of Character. Their youngest son, Grey, is a nano-engineer who is currently working on a PhD in nanotechnological applications in photonics. (A personal note from Dr. Abernathy: “I have no idea what any of that is, but it certainly is impressive to hear him talk excitedly about his field!”)

Meet the Team

You may notice that my team is very small compared to what you have seen in many other offices. There is a good reason for that!

 We endeavor to provide very personalized dental care for our patients. I have never liked the idea of running from patient to patient to patient all day long, giving only a few moments to each before I rush past and leave them in the hands of an assistant. Maybe that is because I am inherently lazy…or maybe it is because I have a different vision of the kind of dental care my patients deserve.

 I prefer to sit down with my patients…have the time to talk to them…find out their hopes or concerns about their dental care. Then we go to work with the time to complete the treatment in a relaxed atmosphere where nothing is rushed.

Kaylee or Michele will always make the time needed to answer all your questions about scheduling, financing, insurance, and any other concerns you might have. Often I am certain their answers to your questions are better than mine!

Mattie will take care of all your needs during your treatment. She is expert in assisting in intricate procedures such as root canals, endodontic surgery and other complex procedures, and will help your entire treatment progress quickly and comfortably.

Believe it or not, many patients describe the dental treatment they have received at our office as “pleasant” or “the most gentle I have ever experienced!” That is our goal for every patient, and we believe a very small staff providing very personalized care is the best way to achieve a memorably pleasant dental experience.

“I have never been in a dental office where they treated me with such care and kindness. The treatment was gentle and painless, and the entire staff treated me like family. I recommend Dr. Abernathy to all my friends.”

Judith, Minneapolis, MN

“I had never had a root canal before, and was terrified when I went into the office. The ladies who checked me in assured me the doctor was very gentle and the treatment was painless. I didn’t believe them, but they were right!

Michelle, Jonesboro, AR

“I actually fell asleep during the treatment. No medicine and no gas, they just made me feel very relaxed.”

Roy, Poplar Bluff, MO

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